Why you should choose 2 Girls Volleyball Club
2 Girls Volleyball Club offers an experience that you just can’t get in any other club in the Central Ohio area. 
At 2 Girls Volleyball Club we believe “teamwork makes the dream work”, volleyball is an interdependent sport where each player has to rely on their teammates for success

Player Development:
-2GVC focuses on Quality over Quantity!  We only have 2 or 3 teams at each age group to allow us to focus on each individual players growth.  

-Our coaching staff is primarily comprised of former college players, turned coaches, who provide personalized instruction to help each player improve, so the team can can be successful.  

- Last season, 7 of our 14 teams were ranked top 5 of all clubs in the Greater Columbus Area and  5 of our 14 Teams were ranked Top 20 OVERALL in The Ohio Valley Region.   
Unique Opportunities
-2 Girls Volleyball Club provides our teams with the cultural opportunity to play abroad.  We have a program in place that allows our teams to travel to the Dominican Republic, play volleyball against Dominican and Haitian teams and complete a community service project during the week long stay.

-2GVC offers discounted recruiting tools and free recruiting workshops for our 9th-12th grade players
Mentorship/Community Service:
- We involve the older players in the lives of the younger players, setting a positive example of the characteristics that 2GVC wishes to implement into each of our players. 

-As a club we do community service projects in the Central Ohio area, as well as abroad.   
-2GVC does fundraisers to help fund our players afford opportunities to play abroad. 

-2GVC has players from all backgrounds and we encourage diversity in our organization 
Scholarship Opportunities:
-Upon graduation seniors going on to play in college have the opportunity to earn a book scholarship from 2 Girls Volleyball Club

 2017 2GVC Pictures 
Photo Credit James Washington