Why you should choose 2 Girls Volleyball Club
2 Girls Volleyball Club offers an experience that you just can’t get in any other club in 
the Central Ohio area. 
At 2 Girls Volleyball Club we believe “teamwork makes the dream work”, volleyball is an interdependent sport where each player has to rely on their teammates for success

Player Development:
-2GVC focuses on Quality over Quantity!  We only have 2 or 3 teams at each age group to allow us to focus on each individual players growth.  

-Our coaching staff is primarily comprised of former college players, turned coaches, who provide personalized instruction to help each player improve, so the team can can be successful.  

- Last season, 7 of our 14 teams were ranked top 5 of all clubs in the Greater Columbus Area and  5 of our 14 Teams were ranked Top 20 OVERALL in The Ohio Valley Region.   
Unique Opportunities
-2 Girls Volleyball Club provides our teams with the cultural opportunity to play abroad.  We have a program in place that allows our teams to travel to the Dominican Republic, play volleyball against Dominican and Haitian teams and complete a community service project during the week long stay.

-2GVC offers discounted recruiting tools and free recruiting workshops for our 9th-12th grade players
Community Service
- We involve the older players in the lives of the younger players, setting a positive example of the characteristics that 2GVC wishes to implement into each of our players. 

-As a club we do community service projects in the Central Ohio area, as well as abroad.   
-2GVC does fundraisers to help fund our players afford opportunities to play abroad. 

-2GVC has players from all backgrounds and we encourage diversity in our organization 
Scholarship Opportunities:
-Upon graduation seniors going on to play in college have the opportunity to earn a book scholarship from 2 Girls Volleyball Club

Why I choose 2GVC 
Jackie Williams 17U
Jackie Williams 17U
I play for 2GVC because when I 1st tried out I thought "This feels like home". There was nothing but open arms and positivity. All of the coaches push me to do my best and help me when I get down on myself.
The girls on my team are so supportive, and its the same feeling for the whole club!
Lastly, I'm always excited for practice, even after a 2 or 3 day tournament. This has come to make me realize that there really is no better place for me than 2GVC! Thank you for believing in me and I love this club with my whole heart!
Ameena Freeman-16U
Ameena Freeman-16U
I play for 2GVC because every coach in the club has treated me not only as a player, but as family. They have all taken time to work with me and my other teammates so that we are always on the same page.
2GVC taught me how to be a leader and a great athlete. How to play for my team and not for myself.
I love my teammates and we have so much fun together! There is never a dull moment and we always play as a team, we don't believe in having any drama.
Lastly 2GVC isn't just a club, its an extension of my family. The other parents cheer and support me just as much as my own parents do! 2GVC is the only club for me!